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Confounding Interest / Hüsker Dü c30

edition 40

Eriijk Rêssler and Doriandra Smith return with their second release as Balkh for the Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893 label. Continuing in their own form of psychedlic ritual, documenting acts of repetition through layering of loops over loops creating snapshots of remembered moments that have only just occurred. Recommended for the Chronically Paranoid.

Crank Sturgeon
Crank Sturgeon Has A Meat Jacket c30

edition 40

Husopathy: the pursuit of protrusible notions that enable 3 cornered ideas, which, in doing so, engenders hope in all the recreational myths which help us sound obnoxious.
Husography: guided and/or misguided directions undertaken with or while bearing triangles & protrusions of a three-cornered nature.

Eriijk Rêssler
IF magazine

edition 100

32 page, 8.5 x 6.5", glossy, color, groovy. Includes this Forward by Brian M. Viveros*:

Musings by Brian M. Viveros, about collaborating with Eriijk at a distant time & place...

I’m just going to start writing.

Here’s the Forward, but now let's go backwards, ten years or so. After attending a local film festival that left our heads aching and frustrated with the selections, Eriijkk said “we can make our own film.” It was a time to make something happen, run with creative energy - DISLANDIA was born in 2005. Dislandia will always be the one for me; without Erriijjkkk it would not have been made. Sundaze were routine and always creative at La Casa Eriijjkkk. Morning cult ritual of pan dulce & alcohol made for amazing talks and generating great ideas & ideas & Ideas. Such creative energy at that time. The many strange happenings at the apartments across the street would make for good entertainment: shady activities, police, people loosing it, speeding cars, collisions, front yard swap meets, and the sounds of sirens always screaming in our ears. I still hear them, it keeps those memories fresh. I remember going to Errijjk’s and he was usually in the back gardening or working on something. The backyard was our go-to film location. Helicopters would circle his backyard when it held the 25 foot puppet with a five foot cock that was made for SOUTHERN, our second film. His home was the setting for many of our collaborative films and projects. The memories and energy of that time - it's hard to put to words. I must say that it was the most creative and amazing time, making art with Eriijjkkk. Much love my good friend and Dislandic brother. JURUPA!

I’ll just end here.

-Brian M. Viveros 20Fifteen

(*NOT INCLUDED in the book)

Happiness Forever AJR

edition 40

At Jennie Richie collaboration with the esteemable Mason Jones (Numinous Eye) on the A-side in the style of Burien School of Elektronikosmiche. B-side is direct live recording of At Jennie Richie's first show, billed as Happiness Forever, in Oakland, CA, 2003, performing a soundtrack to a short slide show presentation of found slides; images that were very mundane yet absolutely menacing in normalcy.

irr. app. (ext.)
Matériaux Déplacés c30

edition 40

Trying to write about irr. app. (ext.) is like trying to make a building out of dance, it can be done but I'm not going to try because I don't have the right shoes on and my pencil is broken at the eraser.
[...] some of the most amazing irr. app. [ext.] we've heard this far [...].
My eraser is still broken.

Cast Away c30

edition 40

Beautiful graveyard recordings, a processed anthem on the A-side. Throbbing menace into decayed texture studies in Maximum Minimalism. Dark surreal atmospheres, worlds within worlds of textures and depths, delicate like a flower, Blake Edwards and his devices.

   although in very limited quantities:

Pulling The Branch Of A Tree / Nodding Off While Out To Sea c30

edition 33

Eriijk Rêssler and Doriandra Smith present their first release as Balkh to the Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893 roster. A ritual of psychedelics based on repetitions of sounds and phrases, moments and minutes, marking time by locking it into place and viewing it's many angles. Two side-long Desert and Mountain Meditations on First Snow and New Moon.

Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage
Let's Play! CD

edition 500

Cameron recorded his drum and vocals parts when he was 20 months old(!!), like any normal little kid might. Then a bunch of friends came over to play! The results = CAMTASTIC!!

7CV (Matt Waldron)
The Bent Taxis (Alvarius B)
Jeffery Taylor & Sean Curley (Climax Golden Twins / New Weather)
Magnetic Lucifer (Geoff Walker: Gravitar, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer)
G. Stuart Dahlquist (Asva, Burning Witch)
Kawaguchi Masami (New Rock Syndicate, LSD March)
irr. app. (ext.)
Numinous Eye (Mason Jones)
rmillis (Climax Golden Twins)
The Pink Chunk Jazz Band(John Olson)
At Jennie Richie & Eriijk Ressler
Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound)
Mason Jones (Subarachnoid Space).

"Let's Play!" is Cam's first CD and the first CD release from Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893!

Cameron is the Youngest Musician In The World With A Full-Length Release!!!!

CD ships separate of cassette orders, please note this.

Crank Sturgeon
Lyme's Wide Infancy c30

edition 33

The Crankst returns again with another two magnetic sides of Sturgeony madness, madness we say; the sounds of a fish reciting poetry through a contact mic, while floating in an empty bathtub, possibly icy given the Polar Vortex Campain of 2014, located in Maine at 2 o'clock in the morning. Everything you want to know about this release might be found here: Here. Yeah.

Sirr(xt.) Heapp.ds
[??] c47

edition 51

Six Heads collaborates with irr. app. (ext.).
irr. app. (ext.) collaborates with Six Heads.
Canada, America.
America, Canada.
There's nothing left to say except that you need this.

Soma Trio Studies No. 3 & 6 c30

edition 32

Blake Edwards and Vertonen is the star in our night. The moon beyond the canopy of our forest. We often lay awake at night, long into the night, dreaming to the sound of Vertonen, devices and all. Deep drifting dreams, heightened by our awareness of our dreaming state. Beautifious. Two side long drifting studies of the sounds of dreams.

Crank Sturgeon
Ketone Pekid c30

edition 35

words from the Crankst (completely out-of-context in relation to this cassette):
New acts, whatever they may be, settle for less in the forward apt, taking tines and making for teeth in rows of unrest, not qualifiable, and nowhere near as golden-oldie hue that you'd muster or reckon those masticating points were all about, as said points were mere periods, tiny typewritten dots, minuscule, practically unimportant, or seemingly as such, when in fact those ambling little spots, specks on the course of a sheet of paper or tree-lined boulevard from yesteryear's sepia-soaked coffee hangover, had cues and uses unknown and, likewise, quite emeritus, still functioning after eons having scored all those soapy cloths, wrenched earnings and dissertations, glum face after glum face, piled on like standup comedians, each and every one of them, all in a formidable line, coughing puns that only pass from the lips of the young, tightening their belts to provide winds of ample gas passage to toss onto the podium, topple the lectern, and shit milky mewling responses to denture-wearing might, without repent or kindness, moralities still in-wait, and ultimately lost, a sauce and brew of weekly periodical stammering that, given enough time, would appear memorable, as if trapped in a loop where it all sounded at once brazen and comfortable, but was merely penultimate to the shock of the old, a foolish notion so dear and frail, pecked by birds and dirty underwear, sheathed in hangnails and mustard-colored file cabinets, lowing softly, reminding itself that it still had currency, but new growths had replaced everything in a pallor of aluminum and autumn breath.

Six Heads
Toothless Pronouncements c30

edition 35

Conjured forth from fertile unconsciousness so endowed these Six Heads: steps, ladders, plucks, crowds, edifices, rattle shake screech, left to the right, back through the front, static rushing, hurried patience, tiny tiny sounds scramble then shudder, gongs, gong, thistle, sage, I know who did it... all that and more, Old Lady. A brothy concoction of Early Six Heads recordings, earlier than today, earlier than last year, back to the early oughts, Six Heads.

Swastika Novelty Co.
Analogs/Tasting The Order Of… c30

edition 30

The Swastika Novelty Co. reverberating the room, in the room, drenching it with a claustrophobia of stringed feedback droning and buried incidental noises of movement, a step to change, a moment to turn. Listen closely to hear time dissolve. Turn up loud, feel the oppression of California's desert sun.

Flooded c29

edition 40

The swirling surreal waters pouring from the mind of Blake Edwards, draining out through his hands, fingers, into Devices, his conspirators, whereupon flowing forth like the controlled release from a dam flooding the villages below, the flotsam of houses as ships, unanchored homes rising with the cold embrace of a warm analog swirl, the anchored construction remaining firmly in place as a rushing state of serenity engulfs it. Easily one of our favorite pieces from mssr Edwards.